Benefits of drinking beer

Let's know about some benefits of drinking beer for good health.

After water and tea beer is on the third number in world in terms of drinking. This is the oldest alcohol containing drink and now a days it is used widely. But in new generation peoples are accustomed with beer. If we consume large amount of beer then it can also harm our health. There are many research and findings which shows that some quantity of beer regularly is good for health. Let's know how...

Major benefits are:
1) Full with nutrients: Beer is fully loaded with many nutrients like Magnesium(Mg), Selenium(Se) and Potassium(K). Other than that there are also Chromium(Cr), Vitamin B and and Biotin. Bitter taste of beer makes it tasty and that is why it is popular worldwide.

2) Anti oxidant: There are good quantity of anti oxidant in beer. which helps in repairing our cellular structure. This anti oxidant is in the barley which is used for beer making. cell wall of the barley contains ferulic acid which works as anti oxidant.

3) Helps in removing kidney stone: Research held in USA found that 40% of people who drinks beer has very low danger of kidney stone with respect to peoples who are not drinking beer. Although researcher couldn't find which thing helped with kidney stone.

4) Bone strengthens: There is Silicon(Si) in the beer, Which is really good for bones. In different different beer quantity of silicon is vary. Silicon is not present in Light beer and alcohol-less(without alcohol) beer.

5) Strengthens heart: People who drink less quantity of beer has very low danger with heart disease. According to findings and research if we drink two glass of beer regularly then it will help in maintaining cholesterol/HDL level. It can reduce the heart attack danger and it will also unblocks arteries.

There are also many more advantages and also some disadvantages(if we consume more) but we will discuss about it later.
So, Drink less quantity of beer regularly(if possible). It helps a lot.

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Before reading this i was thinking that beer is bad for my health lol :D