Aloe vera and Ayurveda

If you want to look fit and healthy by sitting at home then nothing is better than Aloe vera.
This will work as a best antibiotic and antiseptic. That is why it is known as silent healer. Aloe vera contains the quality of keeping our body clean from inside and also helps our body in fighting against diseases.

Benefits of Aloe vera:

1) Aloe vera for skin: It will remove the poisonous substance from body and keeps our body clean from inside. Aloe vera contains Glycerin, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Palmate which is useful for our body. All this elements gives our body moisture and keep it soft, healthy and glowing. Aloe vera is very good compared to other adulterated cosmetics. It will also help against eczema(red skin problem)

2) Improve immunity: Due to environment changes our body will also reacts differently. If any person's immune system is weak then he/she can be sick easily. Drink Aloe vera juice to improve immunity before sleep at the night. Aloe vera gel and juice both helps for improving immunity.

3) Improve our digestion system: Aloe vera juice helps us against metabolism or digestion problems. This juice contains lexative which helps in keeping our stomach clean. This will also help in constipation. But we have to consume it in limited quantity.

4) Help in weight loss: Due to busiest lifestyle and changes in food habits every other person suffered from obesity. Aloe vera juice help against obesity. It contains anti-inflammatory property which helps against obesity. We can make Aloe vera juice at home easily. Take one leaf of Aloe vera and remove its upper layer. Remove yellow layer(latex) from leaf and take out the gel. In two table spoon gel add two cup of water and then let run it in the mixture for next two to three minutes. Juice is ready, You can use it against obesity.

5) On injury: You can also use it on injury. It is anti inflammatory so you can use it on any kind of injury or burn. due to its antibacterial and anti-fungal property it will heals the wound quickly. If you get cut while shaving then quickly use Aloe vera gel.

6) Keep mentally healthy: Aloe vera contains saccharides which help in improving our memory power and also help against stress.

7) When swollen: Anti oxidant present in Aloe vera help in reduce inflammation. Other than that we can also drink Aloe vera juice.

8) In bones and joints pain: Aloe vera helps in joints pain. Anti inflammatory property presents in the Aloe vera helps in bone strengthening and joints pain.

9) Keep healthy your heart: Aloe vera juice helps against many heart problems. This will increase blood level in our body and keeps blood circulation regular. This will also helps in high blood pressure problem.

10) For dental problems: For dental problem Aloe vera is very helpful. Aloe vera is helpful for mouth and gums related problems. By using this you can stop bleeding from gums. Antibacterial property present in the Aloe vera fights against cavity. We can also use Aloe vera as a mouth wash.

11) In a cold: If you do not have allergy with Aloe vera then you can also use it in the cold. In one glass Aloe vera juice add one table spoon honey and take twice or thrice a day. It will help in dry cough.

Aloe vera is also very useful for hair and for removing blackness but we will discuss about it later sometime.