Disadvantage of sleep deprivation(Insomnia)

Let's know about disadvantages of sleep deprivation or Insomnia.

Taking enough sleep is good for health and for our body. If we do not take enough sleep then could suffer from some diseases. when we are in sleep many parts of our body accumulates poisonous substances and remove it.

So that, when you wake up you feel light and fresh. To stay healthy, fit, to make your skin glow and to keep you away from diseases enough sleep is very necessary. Here we are discussing some of the problems caused by sleep deprivation.

Major problems are:
1) By Sleep deprivation sometimes we feel very hungry and sometimes not a bit
2) We feel scarcity of energy in body and tiredness most of the time.
3) This will also affect our digestion system and digestion capacity
4) We can not concentrate on the thing(Attention disorder) which makes our work capacity low.
5) Immunity system becomes low and our body becomes weak. Therefore, more danger from diseases.
6) Headache is the very big and most common problem occurred by the sleep deprivation.
7) We becomes lazy gradually.

Above mentioned problems are the most common problems. now take a look about some of the big issues occurred due to sleep deprivation.
1) Breast Cancer
According to new findings and research sleep deprivation can harm the women most and can cause the breast cancer. So, for women it is necessary to take sleep more than six hours.
Source: Science daily article

2) Stress
If you don't take enough sleep then your mind can not take rest enough and you feel upset. And you also feel Uneasy. Which cause stress.
Source: Medical news article

3) Heart diseases
When you sleep your body is cleaning many poisonous substances from your body. and if we do not take enough sleep then our body can not complete its task effectively and body can not clean poisonous substances properly. Which can cause high blood pressure problems and it can also lead us to the heart attack.

This are only some of the problems caused by sleep deprivation but it will also cause Obesity problem, diabetes, stroke, arthritis.
So, what we can do? There are many things that we can do like Mind-fullness meditation, exercise, goof food and Yoga.