Benefits of drinking salt water on morning

If you have problems of Digestion of food, Problem in sleeping, Bone weakness, Skin problem(Pimples, acne etc.) or weight problem then this article will help you surely. Here i am mentioning some advantage of drinking salt water on morning.

If you drink salt water in the morning then,
1) Improve digestion system: Salt water will help in activating the Saliva gland of mouth. This Saliva will help our digestion system with Hydrochloric acid and also in activating enzyme(which helps in fetching protein from food and digesting). By this food will break in part and digest very easily.

2) Helps in Sleeping problems: There are two stress hormones in our body(not only two there are many other) first one is Cortisol(It is not fully bad for us but cause side effect for sleep) and the second one is adrenaline. Salt water will help in reducing both of this stress hormones. So, we can sleep without stress.

3) It will help in detoxing our body: There are also minerals present in the salt and using that mineral salt works as anti bacterial and kill many harmful bacteria from our body.

4) Help in keeping our bone strong: Many people do not know that our body takes minerals and calcium from our bones which makes our bone weak. So this salt water fulfill(not fully but helps a lot) the requirement of those minerals and keep our bones strong.

5) Help in skin problems: Chromium presents in the salt help us in fighting against acne. Sulphur presents in the salt keep our skin clean and soft. Other than that it help in reducing Atopic dermatitis(also known as eczema which is a condition that makes your skin red and itchy).

6) Reducing weight: How? Basically it helps in our digestion system. So, We can easily digest what we eat and this will help in reducing new fat(not old fat, we must have to burn out this old fat by exercise).

This is all for now I hope you understand the benefits. So, use it and help yourself. :D

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