How to fight against Anemia(blood deficit) naturally

Anemia is a condition in which person can lack enough healthy red blood cells to carry adequate oxygen to person's body tissues.

Now a days, In this busy life it is very hard to take care of eating and drinking. So, By lack of proper diet our body can suffer from deficit of blood. But, If we include some kind of food in our diet then we can get rid of this things very easily.

By taking this food listed here our body can fulfill the requirement of blood:

1) Banana: Banana gives us Protein, Iron and Minerals which will help us in increasing blood. If possible then every morning take one banana with milk. Banana can also help in Ulcer, Kidney diseases, Dysentery(kind of severe diarrhea) and problems with eyes.

2) Spinach: Spinach is said to be blood enhancer in Ayurveda and modern medicine. If you drink Spinach juice regularly then you don't need to worry about blood deficit. Due to high quantity of iron spinach also increases hemoglobin. If there is anemia due to any disease, then drink spinach juice daily morning and in the evening.

3) Fenugreek: To overcome anemia one can also take Fenugreek. This will help in cleaning the blood and also helps in keeping us healthy. This will help in increasing hemoglobin because it contain very good quantity of iron.

4) Beet(Beetroot): People who are anemic(suffer from anemia) can consume beet and carrot juice it is very helpful. They can also take beet as a salad or as a vegetable. Beet helps in increasing blood count as well as helps much in stomach gas problems. Also it is very important for keeping the skin young.

5) Sugarcane: By drinking sugarcane juice our blood becomes clean. For anemia it is good if we drink fresh sugarcane juice.

6) Almond: Vitamins and iron present in almond makes Copper in our body. Which helps in increasing red blood cell in our blood and also help in making blood thick.

7) Tomatoes: Tomato help in increasing Antidote(power of fighting against disease). If anyone is taking tomato regularly then he/she will never suffer from blood deficit. By drinking tomato soup or taking tomato as a food blood will increase in our body. There is so much iron in tomato. So, everyone must have to take tomato as a food regularly.

8) Gooseberry(Aanvala): Gooseberry will also help in increasing blood count. There is Vitamin C in the Gooseberry which will keep us healthy against any kind of disease even our blood count is low. It is also very good for our hair. Therefore it is necessary to take Gooseberry.

9) Date: If we take Date by mixing it with milk and chew it properly then it help in blood making and creating antidote. It is very high in fiber and getting enough fiber is important for overall health.

So, This are all the things which we can take as a food either suffering from anemia or not. This makes us healthy and Happy(If healthy :D)

There are also many more things but we will discuss about it later.