How to make your Elbow and Neck beautiful clean and remove blackness

Let's know how to make your Elbow and Neck clean and beautiful and remove blackness.

Most peoples are now concentrating on making their face beautiful. There are so many beauty products available in the market for making your face beautiful. It is also necessary to keep attention on Neck and elbow alongside face. There are many things available in the home which will help you in making your elbow and neck clean and beautiful.

Let's see about some of them one by one:

1) Aloe vera: Aloe vera is useful for removing blackness of any part of the body. For removing blackness of Neck and Elbow: Mix one table spoon of aloe vera gel in one cup hot water. Mix it well and then take it in cotton cloth. Scrub it on your elbow and neck. Then let it be for next 20 minutes. then clean it with warm water. this will help a lot.

2) Tomatoes: There is a anti oxidant present in the tomatoes which will help in glowing your skin naturally and also help in skin whitening. So, Make a paste of one tomato by using Grinder/Mixture. Then add half lemon's juice. Now apply it on your elbow or skin. Let it be for next 10 minutes. After that remove it gently. Do it two or three times in a week.

3) Lemon: Lemon help in bleach our skin naturally. Scrub peels of lemon on elbow or neck after removing its juice. You can also add honey in this if you want to. Lemon and Honey simultaneously works together in removing blackness and makes our skin bright.

4) Turmeric: Turmeric helps in removing blackness and also helps in our make us healthy. Black spot on the skin can easily be removed by the help of turmeric. We can use Turmeric for removing blackness of Armpit, Elbow and Neck. In one table spoon turmeric add uncooked/raw milk and make a paste. Apply it on the part of our skin which is affected by blackness. Let it be for next 15 to 20 minutes and then remove it gently

5) Sugar scrub: Sugar help in relief from dirty neck. First make your neck wet with the water and then take one table spoon sugar in hand. Then scrub gently on the neck by hand. Continue it for next 15 minutes and then clean your neck by fresh water.

There are also many more home made beauty tips and products available but we will discuss about it later.

So, use it and comment below your experience with it.