Technology saves food - Sensor for checking quality of food

Many of us through food away if date is expired. because we fear that the food is bad or not good for eating. Sometimes we also try to find out food is bad or spoiled by smelling it. But, from now we don't need to do this, because one sensor came out which will tell us that food is good for eating or not.

This sensor will connect to your smartphone. Important thing is that it is eco-friendly and very cheap. It will cost around 1.5 rupees(that's true!!). By using this sensor we can stop devastation of food easily.

Made by Imperial college of London this sensor will check the ammonia and trimethylamine quantity in the food and tell you about the quality of the food. This sensor is called as "Paper based electrical gas censor"(PEGS). In UK around one third people through away food due to the expiry date. From this thrown food around 42 lakh tonne of food is good for eating.

Chief of this research team Dr. Firat Güder at Imperial college of London told that this is the only one sensor which we could use commercially. It is cheap so it can not affect much to the cost of food.

Dr. Firat Güder's team at Imperial's Department of Bio-engineering, made the sensors by printing carbon electrodes onto readily available cellulose paper. As Dr. First said Food can be spoiled even expiry date is not near due to poor storage or bad condition of storage and people often get sick from foodborne diseases.

There are also some other sensor present in the market but good thing of this censor is, It is very cheap and very effective.

Source from : Imperial college of London article