Health Benefits of singing

Even if you do not know how to sing, but when you are singing a song for yourself, you get many benefits.

A research has revealed that singing a song can have many benefits on its own. Let us know what are the benefits of singing in research.

1) Singing improves your body gesture
It helps in boosting our confidence and by that we can stand against hundreds of people and sing out. So, It strengthens your will power and increase your confidence.

2) Helps in communication skill
One song is better than thousands of words. People can understand the feeling better through singing. It also help in remembering thing. Suppose we want to remember something and we convert that in song then it is really very easy for us to remember that thing.

3) Singing strengthens the immune system
As per the research conducted at the University of Frankfurt, singing helps immune system. Study included testing members’ blood before and after an hour-long singing. Researchers noticed that in most cases, the amount of proteins in the immune system that function as antibodies, were significantly higher immediately after the singing. Same increases were not observed after other members passively listened to music.

4)Help in Reducing stress
Singing opens the mind and increases alertness of the mind, which can relieve stress. For example if we want to sing then we must have to remember where and when we have to speak.

5) Sleep well
It removes your mental exhaustion and during this time there is loss of some calories from your body which can help you in getting good sleep.

6) Freshens the mind
Your mind remains calm and adapted. Singing the song gives relief to the conscience and it also greatly benefits your memory. It helps in improving brain's neuron web connectivity.

If we sing a song about 10 to 20 minutes daily and consume good diet then we can be healthy and fit very easily.

"If i can not fly, let me sing" - Quote by Stephen Sondheim