If you are working on computer for hours then this food will give rest to your body

If you are working on computer for hours then this food will give rest to your body and eyes.

Our body pains if we works on computer for long time. Are you also one of those who works on computer for hours then this will help you.

For current generation and lifestyle computer is very necessary thing. But, everything comes with some disadvantage. If you are working in IT companies or your job is on the computer then this article will help you out.

1) Eating this will give rest to your body: Are you also become tired after working on computer then you must have to eat Banana. It contains Potassium which gives energy to your body. after working long time our spine becomes weak. So calcium present in the banana will help your spine become strong and healthy.

2) Coriander is helpful for eyes: By working on computer our eyes are also hurts. So, for that we can use coriander in our food regularly. It contains Carotenoid which is very helpful for our eyes. Antioxidants in coriander prevent eye diseases. It’s a good remedy in the treatment of conjunctivitis. Green coriander contains vitamin A which is also good for eyes.

3) To decrease obesity: You are seating for long time against computer which will increase obesity. So, for that you can drink Green tea. Green tea will improves and increase your metabolism which will help in decreasing obesity.

4) Protein is very necessary: You will be tired after working for long time. To remove tiredness you must have to drink milk. Milk contains protein which is necessary for bone as well as useful for body.

5) Digestion system will become good: Do you know how good is Curd? If you don't know then i will tell you it contain Probiotic bacteria which will help in digestion system. Curd is also useful for stomach gas problem. So we must have to include curd as regular food.

All this food are very effective for working persons as well as for children.

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