Protein shake disadvantages

Today's era is the modern era, where everyone is competing to look perfect. Be it body perfection or work perfection.

Nowadays, the passion of making a fit body is very anxious manner within the youth. For this, he/she sweats for hours in the gym and consumes a protein shake.

Very big amount of protein, starting at around 30% to 35% of daily calories, can lead to health issues such as fatigue, headaches and bloating. Some experts think this can also lead your kidney to work harder for digesting that protein and absorbing protein from protein shake. So, it can cause the problem if a person is suffering from existing kidney problems.

It will also increase calcium excretion, which leads to the bone weakness. Because, calcium is necessary for bone strengthening. Dehydration is also a risk if consuming lot of protein.

This protein shake is dragging you towards death along with obesity. Yes, we are not saying this, but the study has proved. Researchers conducted an investigation through which he was trying to know what effect the body had by over-consuming the Branched Chain Amino Acids(BCAAs) present in the protein powder.

This investigation showed that even though BCAAs works to make muscles, it also negatively affects your body. This not only increases the weight, but also increases the risk of death. If the level of BCAAs in the blood is high then it also reduces the hormones that help in sleep. This causes insomnia to the person. There are many disadvantages of Insomnia

Some protein powders may contain unlisted ingredients like stimulants or in some case steroids. Selling and buying of protein shake is more about marketing than understanding labels and the product details. Some plants absorb many types of heavy metal from soil and this plant is again used in making of protein shakes without well processing.

Based on the study, it was told that our body usually needs amino acids but if it is obtained from different sources instead of a protein shake, the balance remains good.

Considerations: Not all the protein shakes have healthy ingredients, which are free of contaminants and can act as nutritious meal replacements. So, Before you start drinking protein shakes, consider alternatives such as taking protein from snack, fruit, and full meal.

Also plan your diet and meal so you can take it on the go even in busy lifestyle. If you really want to take the protein shakes then read description very carefully and avoid those which are high in cholesterol or saturated fat. Eat vegetables as much as possible.

We all love animals. Why do we call some 'Pets' and others 'Dinner'?

- A vegetarian guy(Protein included :D)