Uric acid and Health

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Uric acid cases are increasing rapidly in Modern Lifestyle. It is a serious disease, its initial symptoms are joint pain and body tightness. If this is left untreated, many troubles such as arthritis, kidney stones, diabetes and blood disorders start to increase. It is very important to keep it under control.

What is uric acid

It is a compound made up of elements such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen, which the body receives from proteins in the form of amino acids. Its quantity is removed from the body through urine, but when the amount of this element increases in the body, uric a starts accumulating in the body. Which damages the bones. Due to which there is a fear of getting arthritis.

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1) Aching joints
2) Ankle ache
3) Swelling of the lumps
4) Feet stiffness at bedtime
5) Unbearable pain in the studio in sitting and getting up
6) Sugar level rise

What to eat and what to avoid

Avoidance of some kind of food is the most important to keep uric acid under control. This problem is aggravated further by consuming a high protein diet. This problem can be relieved by avoiding some kind of food and drink.

Do not eat this diet(Only if you suffered from Uric acid problems)

1. Yogurt

Turn off curd, rice, dry fruits, lentils and spinach. They contain a lot of protein.

2. Lentil-Rice

Consuming milk or lentils while sleeping at night is harmful. Due to this, a lot of uric acid starts accumulating in the body. Avoid peeled pulses completely.

3. Non Veg

If you are fond of eating non-veg, stop eating meat, egg, fish immediately. Eating it increases uric acid rapidly.

4. Bakery Foods

Do not eat bakery foods such as pastries, cakes, pancakes, cream biscuits, etc. Foods rich in trans fat increase uric acid content.

5. Water after meals

Rules for drinking water must also be followed. Do not drink water while eating, water should be drunk before and after one and a half hours.

6. Soya Milk

To avoid the problem of uric acid, do not eat soya milk, junk food, spicy foods, cold drinks, fried foods.

7. Alcohol

Do not consume substances like alcohol, caffeine, smoking. These things increase uric acid. They contain yeast which is harmful for health.

Now we will see what we can eat in uric acid problem

1. Apple Vinegar

Apple vinegar helps in reducing uric acid by increasing the pH volume of blood in the body.

2. Small Cardamom

Eat 2 green small cardamoms with 1 glass of lukewarm water before going to bed at night.

3. Onion

Onion increases metabolism and protein content in the body. If both of this is present in good amount in our body then it can easily control uric acid.

4. Water intake

Drink sufficient amount of water to remove the amount of uric acid from the body. Keep drinking water for a while. Drink 10-12 glasses of water a day.

5. Vitamin-C

Include orange, amla like food in diet which contain good amount of vitamin C.

6. Celery

The quantity of uric acid is controlled by taking celery.

7. Raw Papaya

Take a raw papaya, cut it and separate the seeds. Now boil the papaya in 5 liters of water for 5 minutes. Cool this water and sieve it, then drink it 2 to 3 times a day.

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