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What is the difference between A1 and A2 milk

At present, there are two types of cow's milk available in the market, A1 and A2 milk. The majority of cows that are being raised are A1 variety. A2 cows are the earlier breeds of cow.

A1 versus A2 milk

Milk is great source of calcium and protein. Casein is the largest group of proteins found in milk which makes up about 80% of the total protein content. A2 cows are the earlier breeds of cows like the desi Indian cows or the African cows that produce this protein in their milk along with an amino acid called Proline. In the new hybrid breeds, the proline amino acid got converted to Histidine due to alteration of genes over the years. These are the A1 cows that include breeds like Holstein, Friesian and Ayrshire.

Proline is strongly bonded to a small protein called BCM7, which prevents it from getting into the milk produced by A2 cows. On the other hand, Histidine holds a weak bond with BCM7, so it is easily released in the GI tract of animals and can enter the human body on consumption of milk from A1 cows and interact with the digestive system and internal organs. A2 beta-casein is protein found in milk produced by 'old-fashioned' cows like the Jersey, Charolais, Guernsey and Limousin. Milk produced by other mammals such as those from human, goat and sheep is similar to A2 dairy milk mainly due to the presence of proline.

What is BCM7?

  • BCM7(Beta-Casomorphin-7), I call it 'the milk devil'. Scientists have known about this protein fragment, or 'peptide', for more than 30 years. It is unique to casein, and hence the 'caso' in its name. It is also an opioid which attaches readily to opioid receptors in the brain, and hence the 'morphin'.
  • The absorption of BCM7 into the bloodstream leads to the high incidence of autism, schizophrenia, and other neurological disorders(under research).


  • A group of Russian researchers have shown that BCM7 does pass into the blood of babies who were fed infant formula which led to delayed psycho-motor(brain-to-muscle) development(as published in the international journal 'Peptides').
  • Another report published in the Indian journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism in 2012, indicates that it is associated as a risk factor for type-1 diabetes, coronary heart disease and mental disorders like autism and schizophrenia because it may enter your brain through blood.
  • The "a2 Milk Company"(New Zealand) claims that milk containing A1 proteins is harmful. But, a 2009 European Food Safety Authority(EFSA) review found that there was insufficient evidence to prove that bioactive peptides in A1 milk have a negative effect on health.

The history - Operaion Flood

Operation Flood, launched in 1970, was a project of india's National Dairy Development Board(NDDB), which was the world's biggest dairy development program. The white revolution was that it led to cross-breeding with European cows and import of foreign hybrid breeds of higher yield in order to meet the goal of mass production.

This has brought to a situation today where the old Indian breed cow has become a dying breed in India. Imagine this - The Gir cow, Which is Gujarat's(Indian province) breed, is now being imported from Brazil and the Brahmi Bull, Which is another pure breed, is more popular in Australia.

“Our first food is the water, the milk which planet can't feed except mother”
-William Foege

The Health Benefits of Eggplants

This purple vegetable increase your immunity and protect your arteries.

Eggplants, one of the few purple vegetable aren’t very popular with consumers. In fact, they don’t even rank in the top veggies sold in the Market. But, after reading about the nutritional benefits of it, you may want to use it regularly. Here’s the information on this plant, and easy ways to incorporate it into everyday eating routine.

Eggplant nutrition facts: One cup of eggplant provide just 20 calories(not much), but offers up some important nutrients. Anthocyanins(the pigments that give eggplants their purple color), have antioxidant properties linked to anti-inflammation and obesity protection. Another, called nasunin, who stops free radicals, and protecting cells from damage that can lead to premature aging and disease.

A cup of eggplant also provides about 10% of the daily target for Manganese, a mineral that helps produce collagen and promote skin and bone health. It also supplies smaller amounts of folate and other vitamin B, potassium, and vitamin C and K.

Eggplant benefits: In addition to the antioxidants, nutrients, and fiber eggplants provide, protection against heart disease. Eggplant reduce artery stiffness and central blood pressure in women. Central blood pressure, the pressure in the aorta, which sends blood from the heart out to the body. It also help prevent the heart attack or stroke.

Carbohydrates in eggplant: Eggplant is a non-starchy, or low-carbohydrates vegetable. A one cup portion, contains around 5 grams of carbohydrates. Eggplant fiber helps regulate blood sugar and insulin levels, and supports weight loss.

The nightshade problem: Eggplants are a member of the nightshade family, which also includes tomatoes and potatoes. If you have an existing inflammatory condition, such as arthritis or osteoarthritis, avoiding nightshades may help your symptoms. But there is no solid research to show that nightshades cause inflammatory conditions to develop.

It’s also important to know that steaming, boiling, and baking all help reduce the alkaloid content of nightshades by about 40% to 50%. In addition, you lose out on the anti-inflammatory antioxidants and other nutrients nightshades provide when you avoid the entire group.

Ways to enjoy eggplant: When cooking eggplant, try to include the skin, which is entirely edible, as it contains many of the beneficial nutrients. Eat as a side dish, add to salads, Cut eggplant into rounds and cook on the grill, alongside other veggies.

Aloe vera and Ayurveda

If you want to look fit and healthy by sitting at home then nothing is better than Aloe vera.
This will work as a best antibiotic and antiseptic. That is why it is known as silent healer. Aloe vera contains the quality of keeping our body clean from inside and also helps our body in fighting against diseases.

Benefits of Aloe vera:

1) Aloe vera for skin: It will remove the poisonous substance from body and keeps our body clean from inside. Aloe vera contains Glycerin, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Palmate which is useful for our body. All this elements gives our body moisture and keep it soft, healthy and glowing. Aloe vera is very good compared to other adulterated cosmetics. It will also help against eczema(red skin problem)

2) Improve immunity: Due to environment changes our body will also reacts differently. If any person's immune system is weak then he/she can be sick easily. Drink Aloe vera juice to improve immunity before sleep at the night. Aloe vera gel and juice both helps for improving immunity.

3) Improve our digestion system: Aloe vera juice helps us against metabolism or digestion problems. This juice contains lexative which helps in keeping our stomach clean. This will also help in constipation. But we have to consume it in limited quantity.

4) Help in weight loss: Due to busiest lifestyle and changes in food habits every other person suffered from obesity. Aloe vera juice help against obesity. It contains anti-inflammatory property which helps against obesity. We can make Aloe vera juice at home easily. Take one leaf of Aloe vera and remove its upper layer. Remove yellow layer(latex) from leaf and take out the gel. In two table spoon gel add two cup of water and then let run it in the mixture for next two to three minutes. Juice is ready, You can use it against obesity.

5) On injury: You can also use it on injury. It is anti inflammatory so you can use it on any kind of injury or burn. due to its antibacterial and anti-fungal property it will heals the wound quickly. If you get cut while shaving then quickly use Aloe vera gel.

6) Keep mentally healthy: Aloe vera contains saccharides which help in improving our memory power and also help against stress.

7) When swollen: Anti oxidant present in Aloe vera help in reduce inflammation. Other than that we can also drink Aloe vera juice.

8) In bones and joints pain: Aloe vera helps in joints pain. Anti inflammatory property presents in the Aloe vera helps in bone strengthening and joints pain.

9) Keep healthy your heart: Aloe vera juice helps against many heart problems. This will increase blood level in our body and keeps blood circulation regular. This will also helps in high blood pressure problem.

10) For dental problems: For dental problem Aloe vera is very helpful. Aloe vera is helpful for mouth and gums related problems. By using this you can stop bleeding from gums. Antibacterial property present in the Aloe vera fights against cavity. We can also use Aloe vera as a mouth wash.

11) In a cold: If you do not have allergy with Aloe vera then you can also use it in the cold. In one glass Aloe vera juice add one table spoon honey and take twice or thrice a day. It will help in dry cough.

Aloe vera is also very useful for hair and for removing blackness but we will discuss about it later sometime.

How to fight against Anemia(blood deficit) naturally

Anemia is a condition in which person can lack enough healthy red blood cells to carry adequate oxygen to person's body tissues.

Now a days, In this busy life it is very hard to take care of eating and drinking. So, By lack of proper diet our body can suffer from deficit of blood. But, If we include some kind of food in our diet then we can get rid of this things very easily.

By taking this food listed here our body can fulfill the requirement of blood:

1) Banana: Banana gives us Protein, Iron and Minerals which will help us in increasing blood. If possible then every morning take one banana with milk. Banana can also help in Ulcer, Kidney diseases, Dysentery(kind of severe diarrhea) and problems with eyes.

2) Spinach: Spinach is said to be blood enhancer in Ayurveda and modern medicine. If you drink Spinach juice regularly then you don't need to worry about blood deficit. Due to high quantity of iron spinach also increases hemoglobin. If there is anemia due to any disease, then drink spinach juice daily morning and in the evening.

3) Fenugreek: To overcome anemia one can also take Fenugreek. This will help in cleaning the blood and also helps in keeping us healthy. This will help in increasing hemoglobin because it contain very good quantity of iron.

4) Beet(Beetroot): People who are anemic(suffer from anemia) can consume beet and carrot juice it is very helpful. They can also take beet as a salad or as a vegetable. Beet helps in increasing blood count as well as helps much in stomach gas problems. Also it is very important for keeping the skin young.

5) Sugarcane: By drinking sugarcane juice our blood becomes clean. For anemia it is good if we drink fresh sugarcane juice.

6) Almond: Vitamins and iron present in almond makes Copper in our body. Which helps in increasing red blood cell in our blood and also help in making blood thick.

7) Tomatoes: Tomato help in increasing Antidote(power of fighting against disease). If anyone is taking tomato regularly then he/she will never suffer from blood deficit. By drinking tomato soup or taking tomato as a food blood will increase in our body. There is so much iron in tomato. So, everyone must have to take tomato as a food regularly.

8) Gooseberry(Aanvala): Gooseberry will also help in increasing blood count. There is Vitamin C in the Gooseberry which will keep us healthy against any kind of disease even our blood count is low. It is also very good for our hair. Therefore it is necessary to take Gooseberry.

9) Date: If we take Date by mixing it with milk and chew it properly then it help in blood making and creating antidote. It is very high in fiber and getting enough fiber is important for overall health.

So, This are all the things which we can take as a food either suffering from anemia or not. This makes us healthy and Happy(If healthy :D)

There are also many more things but we will discuss about it later.

How to make your Elbow and Neck beautiful clean and remove blackness

Let's know how to make your Elbow and Neck clean and beautiful and remove blackness.

Most peoples are now concentrating on making their face beautiful. There are so many beauty products available in the market for making your face beautiful. It is also necessary to keep attention on Neck and elbow alongside face. There are many things available in the home which will help you in making your elbow and neck clean and beautiful.

Let's see about some of them one by one:

1) Aloe vera: Aloe vera is useful for removing blackness of any part of the body. For removing blackness of Neck and Elbow: Mix one table spoon of aloe vera gel in one cup hot water. Mix it well and then take it in cotton cloth. Scrub it on your elbow and neck. Then let it be for next 20 minutes. then clean it with warm water. this will help a lot.

2) Tomatoes: There is a anti oxidant present in the tomatoes which will help in glowing your skin naturally and also help in skin whitening. So, Make a paste of one tomato by using Grinder/Mixture. Then add half lemon's juice. Now apply it on your elbow or skin. Let it be for next 10 minutes. After that remove it gently. Do it two or three times in a week.

3) Lemon: Lemon help in bleach our skin naturally. Scrub peels of lemon on elbow or neck after removing its juice. You can also add honey in this if you want to. Lemon and Honey simultaneously works together in removing blackness and makes our skin bright.

4) Turmeric: Turmeric helps in removing blackness and also helps in our make us healthy. Black spot on the skin can easily be removed by the help of turmeric. We can use Turmeric for removing blackness of Armpit, Elbow and Neck. In one table spoon turmeric add uncooked/raw milk and make a paste. Apply it on the part of our skin which is affected by blackness. Let it be for next 15 to 20 minutes and then remove it gently

5) Sugar scrub: Sugar help in relief from dirty neck. First make your neck wet with the water and then take one table spoon sugar in hand. Then scrub gently on the neck by hand. Continue it for next 15 minutes and then clean your neck by fresh water.

There are also many more home made beauty tips and products available but we will discuss about it later.

So, use it and comment below your experience with it.